The smallest coordinate measuring arm with the same or even more features als the well known bigger coordinate measuring arms.

Not the size of a the coordinate measuring arm is decisive, but the software that it works with and the final result.

A new dimension in digitizing: pick points at the object – and transfer them into TeZetCAD – you have realtime tubedesign with all xyz and bending data in the background.

Fast, reliable and easy-to-use method to quickly get 3D data: build a complex 3D dataset in real time that you can use in the TeZetCAD software for further design

The needle tip or ball point probe operates similar to a pen, tracing the object. TeZetCAD via the serial or USB interface. The tracing direction is automatically taken into consideration. Accuracy Ø= 0,1 mm

New:with our certificated calibration reference, we get a measuring system analyse (MSA) between 0,02mm and 0,07mm for the tube sector

workspace 1.67m
weight 3.0Kg