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Tube inspection

The development of the TeZetCAD tube software enables measuring of the most complex tube geometries, whether in traditional tube bending or in freeform bending. Due to complete solutions in tube measuring hardware and software we are able to cover nearly all measurement tasks of tube inspection.

  • Reverse Engineering

TeZetCAD needs no master data in the background. Tubes can be measured with tactile probes, by laser-line method or by means of laser scanning. The user receives adocumentation of X,Y, Z and LRA data directly after completion of the measuring process. The data can be exported as IGES file.

  • Tube inspection

By means of the “automation tool” the tube under measurement can be immediately compared to its nominal data (generated from a 3D CAD model or a technical drawing). The user gets an individually adaptable documentation of the geometrical deviations and correction data for the bending machine. These correction data can be directly sent to the bending machine via corresponding interfaces.

  • Design

TeZetCAD allows measuring of connection points at aggregates or consoles and designing of a tube between these points. The software immediately generates the corresponding X,Y,Z and LRA data. Direct design with generation of 2D drawings and the complete tube data is also possible.

  • Attachment parts

TeZetCAD supports the measuring of flange or holder plate positions and the comparison of these data with a 3D CAD-model.

 Tactile sensors

Steel ball, steel tip, Rubi ball, …

Plane measurement (3 points each) at tube beginning and

tube end Measurement of 6 points on each straight length

Measuring method suitable for tubes with constant bending radii

Infrared-measuring fork

Non-contact measuring

by dipping the measuring fork at the tube beginning,

two times on each cylinder section and at the tube end.

Measuring method suitable for tubes with constant bending radii.

Laser-line measurement

Optical measuring method.

Measuring of the tube beginning,

then two times on each straight tube section

(according to the Infrared measuring fork) and at the tube end.

Measuring method suitable for tubes with constant bending radii.

Laser scanning measurement

Optical measuring method.

Continuous scanning of the entire tube shape, including

tube beginning and tube end.

Measuring method suitable for tubes with constant and

changing bending radii and especially for free-form bends.

Bending machine interfaces

  • Neu
  • Rasi
  • Transfluid
  • Tracto-Technik
  • Dynobend
  • RoniKolli
  • Lang
  • FiF
  • Herber
  • Manuel Bender


  • BLM
  • Mewag
  • Schwarze-Wirtz
  • Supra Vision
  • Addison
  • Schwarze Robitec
  • Wafios
  • Crippa
  • Rosenberger


Benefits of TeZetCAD

  • Tried-and-tested tube software (and not some kind of measuring software which can “also handle tubes”)
  • Software is „up-to-date“ – the software development occurs parallel to the market requirements
  • TeZetCAD contains much more than 100 special tube functions for measuring and calculation of tubes as well as for editing, importation, exportation and documentation of tube data
  • Very high cost-benefit optimisation: depending on the measuring application various software packages with different functional scope are available
  • Modular design: individual functions or interfaces can be added to each software package upon request
  • Besides from tube shapes with “standard-curves” (discrete bending radius) also free-form bent tubes, add-on pieces and construction elements can be precisely measured and documented
  • Ease of operation and very high user-friendliness of the software by means of completely menu driven surfaces and availability in 8 languages
  • Strong hotline and online support
  • TeZetCAD does not require any administrator rights, is compatible with all Windows operating systems

Computer requirements for installing TeZetCAD

• Windows 7, 8 or 10 – 32 bit 64 bit

• from 250GB HDD

• from 4 GB RAM

• from CPU Intel Core 2 Duo – 2 GHz clock frequency

• Microsoft Excel

• Printer for A4 siz

Experience shows, that it is a benefit to use additional soundspeaker, to hear the acoustic sounds of the TeZetCAD tube software.


Additional information:

For the installation of the TeZetCAD software admin rights required.

After installing all TeZet data are stored in public documents.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the TeZet-team